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Located in the West end of Toronto, Another Story Bookshop sells a broad range of literature for children, young adults and adults with a focus on themes of social justice, equity, and diversity. We are a proudly independent bookstore with over twenty years of history and a commitment to providing quality customer service.


Storming the Digital Divide Book Launch
Storming the Digital Divide: The PovNet Story
edited by Penny Goldsmith and Kara Sievewright

Friday, October 28th @ 7pm

Anne Fleming book launch
Another Story Bookshop and Pedlar Press present the Toronto book launch for

Poemw by Anne Fleming
Wednesday, November 2nd @ 7pm

Wallace Edwards book launch
Another Story Bookshop, Scholastic and the Lillian H. Smith Library present

What is Peace by Wallace Edwards
Saturday, November 2nd @ 2pm

Lillian H. Smith Library
239 College St (at Huron)
Free - child friendly event

What does peace mean to you? This beautiful book will get you and your family talking about it. Come and join our peaceful party for storytelling, drawing and more!

Concetta Principe and Jessica Hiemstra
Join Pedlar Press authors Jessica Hiemstra and Concetta Principe for the launch of their new books

Thursday, November 10th @ 7pm

Sarah Wiebe book launch
Everyday Exposure: Indigenous Mobilization and Environmental Justice in Canada's Chemical Valley

Saturday, November 12th @ 5:30pm

Everyday Exposure uncovers the systemic injustices faced on a daily basis in Aamjiwnaang. By exploring the problems that Canada's conflicting levels of jurisdiction pose for the creation of environmental justice policy, analyzing clashes between Indigenous and scientific knowledge, and documenting the experiences of Aamjiwnaang residents as they navigate their toxic environment, this book argues that social and political change requires an experiential and transformative "sensing policy" approach, one that takes the voices of Indigenous citizens seriously.

Randa Jarrar Book Launch
Him, Me, Muhammad Ali

Sunday, November 13th, @ 5pm
Co-sponsored by the The Toronto Palestine Film Festival, Pomegranate Tree Group and Outburst!

Randa Jarrar’s stories grapple with love, loss, displacement, and survival in a collection that moves seamlessly between real- ism and fable, history and the present. With humor, irony, and boundless imagination, Jarrar brings to life a memorable cast of characters, many of them “accidental transients”—a term for migratory birds who have gone astray—seeking their circuitous routes back home.

Sarabande Press


Danielle Daniel
The Dependent

Wednesday, November 16th @ 7pm
The Dependent is a true story written by a military wife married to a paratrooper who served in the Canadian Armed Forces for fourteen years before his army career came to a crashing halt - a freak accident near Armed Forces Base Trenton left him paraplegic and their future in shards. In this deeply candid depiction of their marriage before and after a life-altering trauma, each chapter unveils an intimate portrait of marriage - one in which Danielle and Steve must navigate shifting roles and learn to co-exist in a space where the collateral damage of military service is absolute. The Dependent is a brave and modern love story revealing immeasurable loss and grief and the journey to lasting hope and forgiveness.

Red Tuque Books

Jane Ozkowski
Watching Traffic

Thursday, December 1st @7pm

With poetic prose and a keen eye for the quirks and ironies of small-town life, Jane Ozkowski captures the bittersweet uncertainty of that weird, unreal summer after high school — a time that is full of possibility and completely terrifying at the same time.

Groundwood Books

Bianca Lakoseljac
Stone Woman

Thursday, December 8th @ 7pm

Stone Woman is a saga of Blossom's unconventional family of five women, whose lives are bound by a Vietnam-War draft dodger David, immersed in the Yorkville subculture of the hippie daze of Toronto. The novel draws the reader into a web of liaisons -- into David's love affair with Blossom's mother Liza, his covert dealings with her friend Anna, as well as the mysterious Helena. The story is brought to the present through the lives of the women's daughters who discover that their family secrets have been sculpted -- literally -- into an art form that imparts a sense of homecoming and alludes to a more hopeful future.

Guernica Editions

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